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Fascinated by the human body as a set of infinitely complex biological mechanisms, I use art as a translation tool between the microscopic and the tangible, the current and the speculative, the known and the to be discovered.

As bio-engineering and synthetic biology develop at a fast pace, I feel the urgency to reflect on these practices from another perspective and question the potential applications that could be made of these technologies. 

My practice is based on pluridisciplinarity and collaboration and I give a lot of importance to the research of the right media to embody a theoretical research and as a result transcend it.



2. Systems Trail

Systems Trail, 2019

Systems Trail aims at creating awareness about often ignored biological systems by proposing a set of exercise stations that responds to each organ system: digestive, nervous, skeletal, urinary, lymphatic, and muscular.

It investigates the possibility to provide a different approach for classical outdoor fitness trails, which usually focus on muscular development and cardio training. What about the remaining ten systems that are the core of the human body?

Each station proposes a movement customed to take care of the corresponding system and reflects on the bodies biological mechanisms in its shape and aesthetic.

Outdoor fitness trails are a familiar setting offering to everyone the possibility to do sport in a programmed environment, discovering station after station how the human body can be mapped out of these overlapping systems.