5. Skin Modeling


Skin modeling, 2017

Skin modeling is a study on the possiblity to translate common but mysterious biological process to objects displaying the reaction in a visible way, from the brusing of the skin to the composition of the blood. 

CLOTTING : as soon as the skin is open, the platelets of the blood come to plug the inured site and send a chemical message to the fibrin coming to build a clot.  For this translation, I used fast drying and thick materials like clay or plaster, with the issue that they had to be added during the process after the cut being done, with the problem that the whole sample was impacted by these addition and not only the injured zone.

In collaboration with Teun Zwets

Edible reproduction of the elements of the blood for a cocktail propelled out of the vessel by a pump, the way the heart would bring blood to motion.

In collaboration with Jasper Zehtbrugger

The pump brings the milk into the udder in a non stop process, the audience has to keep drinking to prevent it from exploding. We made a parallel with the milk industry where cows are brought to a point where they need to be milked not to get sick. By reversing this situation we aimed to create a discussion about this process and our consumption of milk.