Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

Bühnen- und Filmgestaltung Angewandte Wien

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally,  Costume and stage for the phone's tale written by Kevin Armento

The play Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally, by Kevin Armento deals with the daily relationships we have with our phones. The story is told through the voice of the phone of a teenager, Red, who is having an affair with his math teacher. The hill on stage refers to a picture the teacher found in his phone and that triggers their relationship. Main element of the stage, the symbol of the hill appears several time during the play, each time building up, leading to the disaster climax. This white world place the audience in an in- between space where the phone, embodied by a chorus of five people, could belong whereas the human reality is far from this vision. The digital space has penetrated and dyed their space, the sea in the background, only familiar element, stays an unreachable in the background, even when the characters see their illusions get destroyed by reality. Red and the teacher’s rooms, as well as the classroom are located in the front scene and move according to the scenes, giving rhythm to this relentless adventure.